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Emirates Diving Association – Digital On Line Underwater Photography Competition

This year I wanted to be a judge for the Emirates On Line Underwater Photography Competition but the organisers ask me to enter again and so I did. The result was a clean sweep of all three categories (wide angle, macro and fish), coming first on all of them. The good news was that after the competition, the organisers agreed that it would be a great idea for me to be a judge for the 2013 competition which i’m really looking forward to.

Comments by Ibrahim Al Zubi, Executive Director of the Emirates Diving Association: ‘Again, I find myself lucky that I was not a member of the jury panel for our annual Digital Online Underwater Photography Competition.As a matter of fact, I felt sorry for the judges.This year’s was one of the toughest to score with lots of underwater photography gurus participating and sending EDA amazing photos of the varied marine life from all the places our members have dived. If I were to describe in one word the 49 entries we received this year, it will simply be,‘Fascinating’. The Digital Online Award Ceremony at DUCTAC in Mall of the Emirates made a clear point that taking underwater photos is an ART. A photograph always has a story behind it. I want to congratulate all the participants for enriching EDA’s photo library with amazing photos – I am sure you will all agree with me when you see the photos in this issue. I also want to congratulate Mr. Warren Baverstock for being the overall winner of the 2012 competition for the Professional Category, Mr. Jonathan Clayton for winning the Amateur category and Mr. Khaled Sultani for winning the Video Category. Also many thanks to the jury, the sponsors, the EDA team and EDA’s Events Coordinator,Ally Landes for another successful EDA event towards promoting for diving not only in the UAE but in the whole region. ‘

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