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Pearl The Green Turtle – AKA Qatar the Green Turtle – fully recovered and released! A FU

photo by David Robinson

The Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation and Qatar’s Ministry of Environment has released a rare green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) back into the wild that was found almost three years ago in a severely debilitated state. The turtle (who is known now by the name: Pearl of Qatar) was nursed back to full health by the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation team at the Burj Al Arab Aquarium and returned to Qatar for her release back to her natural environment.  Pearl was fitted with a satellite transmitter and transported to Fuwairit beach for the release.

Originally, Qatar, the Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas) was found at the Pearl-Qatar in October 2010 by the Safety and Environment team during routine monitoring and surveillance at the Pearl. It was suffering from a severe lung infection and was unable to dive or control her buoyancy. After initially receiving treatment from local experts it was concluded that a longer-term rehabilitation plan was required to aid her recovery.  In December 2010, the turtle was flown to Dubai for specialist care and treatment at the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project, located in the Burj Al Arab hotel. After X-rays it was established she had a broken front flipper and intestinal impaction.  Three years later after a lot of rehabilitation, Pearl had made a full recovery and was now ready to be flown back to Qatar for here release.

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