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Shaving the Sigma 15mm Fisheye down for the Zen 4″/100mm Fisheye Mini Dome Port

Tools for the job:

  1. Not one site suggested using a Dremel Multi-tool and so I used one – why? because i’m not patient enough to use a handsaw, the handsaw blade had to be a special type (straight teeth or something), it would take up to 30 minutes to cut off just one shade and the finish can be a bit untidy. Instead I opted for a steel cutting disc attachment and a steel sanding attachment for the final finish.

  2. Of course a dremel can be a little untidy if you go mad or it gets out of control so the next thing I needed to have was a perfect guide – a large Jubilee Clip

  3. A Pencil to mark where I needed to cut.

  4. An Air Blower – I used a hand blower so I could remove the fine metal shavings that got everywhere while I was cutting.

  5. Something to Protect the Lens while cutting. This had to be something rigid/sturdy and that fitted perfectly inside the shade. I chose a Sea & Sea YS250 PRO strobe cap – I had one damaged that was hanging around. What better use for something that was responsible for the flooding of one of my strobes.

  6. Black paint.

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