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Subal ND3s underwater housing for the Nikon D3s has finally arrived..

At last…the new Subal ND3s housing has arrived from Backscatter and it looks and feels great. Obviously with any new camera housing, it always pay to double check for leaks and so this morning I jumped into one of my tanks and took it down to 5 metres. Once down at 5 metres I did a thorough check on all of the controls and once satisfied ended the dive. One of my main concerns was a button repair I had to do on the housing. Sadly when the parcel arrived it looked like a custom official either in the US or in the UAE had everything out of the box for inspection and low and behold, look what they managed to do:

So, whats next?…well primarily i’m going to use this camera for wide angle photography (the incentive to buy was filming whale sharks in Djibouti where the low light makes getting good results tricky – but more about that next year), while still using the Subal ND2/Nikon D2Xs for macro. I’m especially excited about experimenting CFWA on this full frame high performer with the Zen 100mm dome port using the Sigma 15mm and there will be a separate blog about my experiences of trimming down the 15mm Sigma shade to get it to fit behind the 100mm Zen. Sadly there is little information available about the 4″ Zen on a full frame camera other than reports of soft corners, but positive feedback from Backscatter’s Berkley White has given me hope.

Alex Mustard has done some great articles about CFWA, Close Focus Wide Angle photography – click Alex Mustard CFWA Report. Sadly it does not go into too much detail about what I want to do, but its a very handy report for anyone looking into investing in new kit for CFWA photography.

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